Estate Litigation

Estate Litigation

The death of a loved one often leads to a heavy, emotional situation. In addition to the grief, a loved one’s passing can be even more complicated if there are strained family dynamics, concerns over the handling of the estate, or questions surrounding entitlements under the will. 

At Williams Litigation Lawyers, we strive to be compassionate and sensitive while giving you sound, practical advice to help you navigate through the challenging world of wills and estates. 

Our team of estate litigation lawyers can assist you with general inquiries about wills and estate administration, so that you understand your rights, obligations, and entitlements. If conflict arises between the parties involved our  litigation and dispute resolution experience can also be relied on in advancing your interests.

Amongst other things, our lawyers can assist our clients by:

  • Interpretation of wills

  • Challenging / defending a claim of undue influence

  • Challenging / defending a claim for lack of capacity

  • Applications to become an estate trustee

  • Disputing the appointment of an estate trustee

  • Compelling or preventing estate trustee action

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